Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing if not random... and What are you Playing?

I've been at work since 7:40... I have a coffee and a ginger ale on my desk... What I really need are stronger uppers because I'm EXHAUSTED today!
Raisins are never more obvious that they used to be grapes as when you put them in a Thermos full of boiling water for 12 hours... It's actually an unsettling feeling!
It's 13 days until I go on my much needed and well deserved vacation!  I get there on Tuesday night.  On Wednesday I plan to sit by the alleged pool under an umbrella and knit and nap.  On the Thursday I'm going to the spa!
I found out today that a friend of mine, who is a terribly sweet kid (well, he's 22, but that makes him a kid) was kicked in the head last year and has lasting head injury symptoms which have prevented him from going to school, working a steady job and he's no longer 'himself'.  I didn't know him a year ago... that was heart breaking to find out.
This is how people in Vancouver queue for transit.  You will not find this anywhere else in the world (except maybe the UK... let me know in the comments how people queue where YOU live!)  We're very polite. 
And now for the feature: What are you playing?
A work collegue has turned me on to many iphone games that I otherwise wouldn't have known about.  I don't have a lot of iphone friends and therefore don't get a lot of app referrals.  Which is why I want to start this feature.  Use the comments to toute your favorite iphone app (game, useful task item etc...).  It can be free or pay, just let us know which!
Today I'm playing iassociate2.  It's a free word association game available for iphone and Facebook.  It doesn't appear to be available for iPad just yet, but it's pretty popular, so I figure it can't be long!  If you don't have an iphone, don't fear, you can actually play on facebook.  Just search iassociate2 on facebook or in the app store.  You won't regret it!  Follow along on the tutorial and you'll be associating in no time!
What are YOU playing?