Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trouble in paradise!

kay... two pictures. In the first picture, you can see the center line outlined in red. very even and straight (shocking for me, I know!).
And you can see the yarnover holes on the stem numbered one through four. Correct. Also mirrored correctly on the other side (but not numbered).
The problem (one of a few) is wtf is going on in the black circle? There's a smooshy bit right above the stem yarnovers that look like stitches twisted over the back of yarnovers and then the yarnovers start back up again! In the blue circle, the decreases have switched direction from / to \, which means that the leaf, if I continued, would look like \ / rather than the tip of a proper leaf / \.
On the second picture you can see that there are way TOO FEW stitches on the right side... right along side the center stitch a new leaf stem is supposed to grow... it's a yo,k,yo stem... you can see the beginning of it in the red circle on the left side... it is clearly not on the right side... There are supposed to be 9 stitches between the purple arrow and the center stitch (marked on the right by the yello arrow).
I don't know what to do! :(


yarnpiggy said...

Well you know what I'd do...rip it, rip it good!

I'm not suggesting you do the same, of course. I just don't have anything else to offer. I'm pretty useless that way.