Thursday, July 1, 2010

My new obsession with Alpaca!

This particular shawl (with a pattern soon to follow) has cemented my love of Alpaca.  It's SO SOFT!  Well, it's baby Alpaca, so that's partially why it's way softer than other Alpaca.  There are very few guard hairs, so it's just simple luxury!  The skein was a Misti Alpaca Worsted Handpaint of 218yards.  I bought it as one of the first skeins of yarn I ever bought and was trying to make some sort of chevron stockinette scarf with it.  I wasn't happy with the pattern, one of the edge stitches or the look of the varigation, so I ripped it out and put the yarn in storage.  This yarn was MADE for garter stitch!
The pattern is a simple garter stitch triangle with a three stitch center spine, which I think adds to the feeling of thick and cuddly.  I put a simple column lace section about 4/5 from the bottom and then finished the skein off in garter stitch.  I think it looks lovely and I wish I had another skein of this to make another!
Please ignore the fact that the column lace in the closeup is off by exactly one stitch from the first row to the last... I saw this and decided not to fix it...
Also, I knit this in four days!  Score!
Doesn't this look CUDDLY??