Monday, June 7, 2010

What's goin' on....

I've come to realize that I'm much faster at knitting things than I was even a few months ago, so my applicable pattern selection has increased exponentially. Especially since I've lifted the ban on purling. I continue to try and put beads on things. I think it gives that little bit extra and it really makes the item unique. 2000 people can knit the same pattern and some might even end up knitting it out of yarn that I knit it out of in the color I choose, but once i add beads, that drastically decreases the likelihood that it will be the exact same as someone elses. Boy said the other day that I attempt to bead everything. While not exactly true, I do mention it a lot... the latest thing I was going to try and bead is my Annis Shawl... I even knit a swatch to see if the beads would look good and figured they had better because I paid $30 for them... well they did not. They looked okay on the tips and that's where I left them but they sort of screwed around with the pattern and therefore didn't look very good... My ambition tells me to dye a skein of my own yarn the color I want and then bead something with that...

This weekend I knit two hats. Last year in November my bestee and I went shopping in the US and both fell in love with a beautiful deep burgundy chunky weight baby alpaca yarn from Misti Alpaca. It sat in the stash for some time because neither of us bought enough to make anything... and then I ran across the cutest hat pattern (pictured on the last post modelled by my bear) and thought that I would knit up a nice chic hat for her with the skein of yarn she bought. And then it turned into another hat, and a need to go buy expensive buttons and the desire to make more and more and more! I put an electric blue button on mine and by a whim decided to sew it on with bright yellow embroidery thread and I'm in love with it! I even wore it out yesterday! I'm using the left overs to make a sweater for my bear. He's 21 and he deserves a sweater... he's been a good friend and companion and he's getting a little worse for the wear, so I thought I'd give him something warm and cozy to wear.

My KnitPicks order should be coming today too, which means I can get started on my hat design! You're going to LOVE it! It's super cute (in my head) and it should be quick and easy! Famous last words!

Today while I was spending time writing this, I got called to one of my job sites. A job I've been working on since last September... A job I worked really really hard on... it's all done and the manager of the area in question informed me how great it looked and for such 'little effort on my part'. NICE! Jerk! I think it looks beautiful and I refuse to let her bring me down... Jerk!

Here's a picture of my hat that matches my bestee's!