Thursday, June 24, 2010


Spontenaity is not something I am personally known for.  I like to plan things.  Not because I like to be in control of them, but because part of the fun of something is planning it for me.  I like the excitement and the discussion and the bandying about of ideas... This is why I start planning my birthday party (which incidentally I throw for myself... does that make me pitiful?) a month in advance.  Because to me it's fun to talk about and plan and change and plan some more.  My sister and I used to plan stuff this way all the time... and then we both got pretty busy and now all of a sudden I find myself doing things like packing THE NIGHT BEFORE to go somewhere WITHOUT A LIST!  Seriously, that type of craziness never existed in my life before.  I like to make lists and then cross things off them...
Anyway, that said, I can be dragged into spontenaity... such as last night when I got a message from Boy saying we were going to go to dinner with a friend of his.  We went for dinner... and then we decided we needed to go to Richmond and have Screamers (Lime crush slurpee with two layers of the best soft serve icecream you've ever had!).  Then we decided we needed to go to the ocean's shore at Iona Park in Richmond... where we frolicked in the sand and then ended up having to leave due to the weird smell and sand fleas.  THEN we decided that we had to go to Queen Elizabeth Park and play in the fountain.  So. much. fun!  I was the only one that stayed dry... and completely by accident.  Jenny (the friend) and I decided (due to my persuasion) to have a race through the full blast jets in the fountain.  Only when we started, the water caught on my flipflop and I had to pull out of the race before I'd even hit the first jet... and she, because she couldn't see me from her lane, ran all the way through, around and back to us and was a soaking wet drenched... and Boy and I were laughing our heads off!  She was a good sport and I really didn't do it on purpose, altho I can see how it may have looked like I did... LOL!  So fun!

We of course have decided to continue having adventure nights and, as Jenny is from Ontario, she has not seen much of the city, so there are loads of other things we can do.  And I will attempt not to 'plan' it, as much as I want to, because spontaneous fun can be as fun as planned fun! (yes, I said it!)

In knitting news, I recast on my Annis and have almost chosen not to do nupps but to do beads instead... big beautiful blue beads that are striking with the red semisolid yarn.  However I keep seeing people's finished projects and lust after their nupps... I think the beads could look nice and flashy, but I like the simple elegance of the nupps.... I'll decide at the last second!  I will also be doing three rows of seed stitch on the top edge because I'm totally not crazy about how the stockinette stitch rolls... I'd rather see a bit of texture at the top (it's laceweight, how noticeable could it be) than a rolled edge.
I'm also about to cast on for a new shawl design with the beautiful pink yarn I got from Sweet Georgia two weeks ago.  I can't WAIT! If it turns out the way I think it will, it will be so cute and a perfect pattern for a perfect skein of sock yarn!

I'm also planning on casting on a super cute hat pattern with a new skein of mixed gray 100% Baby Alpaca... pictures of that to follow just as soon as I figure out how to provisionally cast on for it and decipher the instructions on how to make an adult sized hat from the baby sized pattern!
My friend Siobhan and I are going to the Gibson's Fibre Festival on August 20.  We're just going for the day to enjoy the coast and do a little browsing and then come home.  I'm really looking forward to it and to getting to know her a bit better!  I've also never been to a 'fibre festival' so I'm excited!  And most excited because on Saturday morning I"m picking up a SPINNING WHEEL!  That's right!  Someone I met through the yarn shop is giving her secondary one away and even tho it needs a bit of TLC, we're pretty convinced we can fix it and Boy said I could fill up the last few square inches of the apartment with it!  I'm hoping that it's at least a little portable so that I can go outside and spin when it's nice...

That's about it... I'm off tomorrow because I'm awesome and I have an abundance of holidays so I"m going to go to the vintage button/bead/jewellery/all around awesome shop and probably do some knitting and coffee drinking.  Sound fun?