Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My friend Leone is such a sweetheart and nominated me for this award! Even tho I'm not on her blogrolll pppffftttthhhhh ;)

so here goes my list of inane stuff you didn't want to know about me... what is seen can not be unseen!
1. I am a magnet for the road raged. I swear I do nothing to instigate it (however I do honk my horn if you do something stupid like cut me off), but as of yesterday have been 'attacked' in my car twice by deranged lunatics. This last one proved his 'point' to me by spitting on my car and the lurching in reverse toward me stopping a fraction of an inch from my bumper before acting like an even bigger lunatic!
2. I would like to sell my car and get a Vespa... but then I think that if I don't like to be in the rain, the car is nicer than the Vespa for the winter... maybe I'll have both!
3. I would like to live in Singapore or Thailand. I love the food, the atmosphere the people and the way of life. In my Singapore dream I'm also a multi-millionaire... can't hurt to think big!
4. I really really hate it when people assume that they need to be standing four inches from me in order for me to be able to hear them... I have a personal bubble... you should respect it!
5. Speaking of hearing, I'm not that good at it. I say 'Sorry?' a lot! and then after asking a person to repeat themselves two or three times, I get a blank sort of smile on my face and drop it... this does not help when it's directions or something else important that I'm supposed to be hearing.
6. When I'm at work I want to be knitting. When I'm knitting I want to be napping. When I'm napping I think I should be knitting. You see how work gets in the way of those two activities?
7. 20oz dark roast coffee with 2 espresso shots, 2 teaspoons of damarius brown sugar and some cream. That is all!
8. I have an itty bitty 13lb kitty. He's a charm! I try to overlook the claw marks in my scalp, the sleepless nights because he can't eat in the middle of the night without me being awake and the constant worry about him getting into it with a coyote or a car... I loves him!
9. My mind is going a MILE A MINUTE with creative things that I want to try or make or do. Again with the work getting in the way!
10. I've never really known anyone close to me who has died. This scares the shit out of me.
Now, to nominate people. Well, I must be honest and admit that I hardly blogstalk... and those that I do have already done it, so how about this. If you read this and you haven't gotten a nomination, it's probably because you're so awesome people thought you did it already. So go on and nominate yourself and get that list together!