Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm out...

I'm out of mustard, margarine, ketchup and rice.
Fear not, for I didn't actually eat all of those things together... sort of.
The less food stuffs that I have to pack, the better.
I also thinned my book collection and my cook book collection.  In total, I'm donating 21 books and 31 cookbooks to the garage sale, along with a starbucks bag full of other stuff.
I found my Nintendo DS (with two chargers... lol.. that means that the one the ex took can't charge!) and my brand spanking new, never used PSP with a few games and I'm donating that to a women's shelter.  Apparently they need things that the kids of these women can do and all the devices are doing at my house is collecting dust.
Tonight I'm cleaning my bathroom and hopefully going through the tool cupboard and the paint cupboard.  I want to see if there's enough of any color in the paint cupboard to use in the new place.  I'm thinking that I might paint at least one wall in the bathroom the tiffany blue/teal color that I put in my living room last year.  I KNOW there's enough of that left...
Anyway, the battle rages on to clean and purge without disrupting the kitty...