Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tax Related Saga

Last night I was having a killer craving for Coke Zero.  I only ever drink water with an occassional coffee on the weekends thrown in.  So when a craving such as that comes up, I have no choice but to succumb.  When I got my beverage home I realized that there's no ice in the freezer and the pop was warm from sitting on the grocery shelf.  So I did what any right minded person would do and I used Citrus Vodka that lives in the freezer to cool my drink... yes... I used enough ice cold vodka to make an entire can of coke cold... twice!

After successfully knitting for a bit and then taking an allergy pill, apparently instead of going to bed like I had planned, I did (read as 'fooled around with') my taxes.

Having not prepared for such an event, I used the only pencil in my house, which has no eraser and a VERY dull lead.
About an hour later I had done them three times... each time coming up with a different alarming number for what I owed.

I came to work this morning and immediately got on Turbo Tax and did a 'test' to see how accurate I was.  Apparently not so much... because I actually get a refund... which is a departure from the outcome of my first attempt, which said I owed $2900.

Moral:  Don't use freezer vodka to make your warm coke cool... it doesn't lead anywhere good.

MORAL: At least drink enough to not be able to hold the pencil...


Caroline said...

Cute story! TFS!

Kat said...


BTW, Ufile is a great system to do your taxes!