Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just not a good time

Maybe this time of year just isn't a good time for me... 

I rec'd a call at 7 tonight asking me to come upstairs and talk to my landlords.  I knew EXACTLY what it was they were going to tell me and I was right.
I'm kicked out.  They're having a wedding in May and about three thousand people from India are coming for the wedding and they want my apartment to let some of them live there for three months.
That's right.  May.  It's March 25 right now.  I had planned to move this year, when my tax debt was paid off... but no... I'm now required to move asap... as in, in the next month.

I spoke to Sam, who was more calm than I was and it turns out that the Landlords are not playing fair, they owe me a lot of money based on this and technically they can't make me leave till June 1st.  I'm going to file a complaint with RTA, but I'm not going to stay here through the wedding... I may as well just get going.

I've cried a lot tonight... being kicked out of your home doesn't feel nice.  Nope.


MSW said...

Oh yuck. I hope you're able to find a suitable place quickly and easily.