Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The world as it relates to me...

The window display went up at the beginning of September. It looked awesome, but unfortunately all my stuff faded with the hot hot halogen lights pointed at it the entire time so I didn't sell anything and the only thing it did for my 'image' and 'exposure' was to make people think I sell crap, so that wasn't really all that successful. I have dreamt up another avenue for getting my product out into the market, but to be honest, I'm pretty ticked off at the moment and soured on the whole thing so it's sitting on the back burner for the moment. While the fibre and yarn was cooking away in the window, I was cooking away in California! Boy and I put Kitty into the cat hotel (with a window suite this time... he was much happier) and jet set off to Disneyland! Just before we went, our friends from California came to town on their way to a cruise holiday and played with us for the day. We went to many yarn stores, ate fish and chips at a Vancouver institution (not a mental institution, altho as I type this, I feel that would be a nice place for a rest), had an amazing steak dinner at the Keg and generally made merry! It was fantastic to get together and the weather was gorgeous so we weren't running from car to store under umbrellas shreiking... which was also nice! One of the stops that we went to was Sweet Georgia's studio to check out her digs where she dyes all our favorite yarn and fibre. We both did a bit of damage there and both got first dibs at two brand new colorways that no one else had had yet!
So after our playdate in Vancouver we jetted off to Disneyland for six glorious days of sunshine and one on one time together. We both had a great time and it was awesome! When we came back we had a day together to lounge and then we went with our friends to Seattle to eat at the Crab Pot and do some outlet shopping.
Then it was back to work and back to reality... almost. The last thing that I had dumped myself in to in the month of August/September was the Trash to Treasure Fibre (and related goods) swap. We rented a room at a community center and invited anyone and everyone to come with their goods and swap! It was a great afternoon and we ended up raising (through the sale of door prize/raffle tickets and the small admission) the cost of the room back and $40 for the foodbank. I now have a car full of yarn that is to be donated to charity knitting groups, but on Sunday when I was supposed to go out delivering, I ended up coming down with what felt like the black plague and spent the next three days in bed.
I will have some knitting FO's to show in the next couple days... just as soon as I get it together enough to take some pictures and put them online.
Thanks for sticking with me... the updates should be a little more free and easy now that i'm not so busy... altho it just came to me that I committed myself to hosting an art opening in an airplane hangar in November... Good grief!