Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fibre Update in Pictures

Here's an update of my newest acquisitions and a couple of my completed items. 

First up, the two luscious yarns I bought from Sweet Georgia's studio during our Yarnageddon experience.
The first one is CashSilk Fingering in Pomegranate.  The second is Worsted in Militant (a brand new colorway!)

Then we have a splurge that was found on the Yarnageddon trail, but I hemmed and hawed a bit about it before going back to get it.  This is around 1000yards of 100% wool (scratchy and non-superwash) in the rainbow colorway.  It's a brand called Kauni and it's gorgeous!  It's gorgeously long striping and has such beautiful transitions!
Next up is a beautiful 225 yards of silk merino hand dyed by a good friend of mine on Etsy (and fellow Yarnageddon participant) September Yarn.  It's a beautiful semi solid medium dark coral color and ridiculously hard to photograph.  It's a million times more beautiful in person!

Lastly, a couple finished items.  The first is my Noro Striped scarf.  It used four balls of Noro Kureyon, both in the blue family.  It blocked out to be 8.5' long and would be longer if I had wet blocked it, but I don't have 8-10' anywhere in my house that I could lay that out until it dried... it would take days!

Another item I made and love is my big huge squishy cowl.  It's made out of a skein of Cascade Magnum and done in seed stitch. The twist comes from twisting the stitches once before you join to knit in the round... pretty clever!  I finished this in about six hours.
And finally, because I can't show you my big accomplishment yet, here's something new I'm working on.  It's made out of 100% wool (Diamond Luxury Lima).  It's a beautiful heathered lavender color and It's going to be so cozy and stylish.  It's bigger now then when the picture was taken, but you can see the pattern very nicely here.  I'll knit it nice and long and then block it wide and it will make a lovely wrap!

And not on a knitting note, but awesome none the less!