Friday, August 6, 2010


You know... I'm generally about as honest as they come... I do what I say I'm going to do and I'm truthful about what I think i probably can't do.... sounds reasonable right?  Well today I am finally coming to the realization that not everyone is like this.  Some people get themselves in too deep with commitments and then instead of coming clean and being honest, they lie.  And I take them for their word, because I am pretty honest.  And then I get disappointed.  But the person says no no... I'm doing what I said I would do now... minor malfunction, all back on the up... so then I take them for their word and then I get disapppointed again... and when they come back with the next excuse, I think to myself... well they wouldn't KEEP lying, that would be ridiculous, so whatever happened previous must have been a mistake, and THIS TIME they're doing as they say... otherwise, why say it... and then I'm disappointed again... this goes on for going on three months and then I realize that whether they are really going to end up doing what they say in the end or not, i've been lied to and misled and I'm now very disappointed and disillusioned.
I don't understand people who lie... I mean blatantly lie.  Yes, things come up and yes we all have things to deal with that are more important than social obligations... I'm not saying that... but to flat out lie... not nice.  And then I think well, what if they weren't lying... I would hate to slander someone like that... but perhaps if you're not actually lying, you might want to do things like return emails in a timely fashion.  Provide some sort of proof of these outrageous 'circumstances' that are causing the delay.  Communicate! Because if you're feeling lied to and misled... and then on top of that, the person doesn't email you back for weeks... it sort of stops mattering whether what they're saying is honest or not... because the story playing out in your head is your reality.  Make sense?
To sum... Give me my fucking toy!  Seriously!

In other news, my bestee and I went on a photoshoot on Tuesday and did the art for the product tags of my hand dyed roving line.  I can't decide if I want to give you a sneak peak or not.... I was going to post pics of some of the cool shots that she got, but they're not water marked and they're so flippin cool that i'm afraid people (not you my loyal readers, but untowards) will snag them... I should probably watermark the sneak peak as well... just to be safe... so I'll come back with that in a bit.... Okay I'm back... let me know what you think :)


Caroline said...

Wow! Love that beautiful teal color! So rich!