Monday, April 19, 2010

How about a Hip Hip Hooray for the right tools?!?

Okay, so last post I talked about how good I got at spinning... which is true... all of a sudden, it just clicked.  Well guess what happened today when I bought a spindle designed for the yarn I was trying to make.  Magic is what happened that's what!  This spindle feels like butter, weighs nothing and is the new favorite in the 'tools' section of KnittingLand.  Previous faves have included my Harmony interchangeable needles and my lace project bag from my friend PJ!
The spindle is made out of Zebrawood and weighs 30grams.  It's got a 2" diameter top whorl and a walnut or zebrawood shaft and it's amazing!  I also got some new spinning fibre.  Both these items were purchased locally and both are made locally by local artisans.  So while I wasn't exactly crazy about spending that kind of cash, it's made my spinning life much much more joyful (and it was already pretty joyful) and it's put money back into the local artisan community, which is very important to me!
Here's my new fibre.  It's called Panda by SweetGeorgia and it feels like I think a Panda should feel.  It's 60% superwash merino (no felting... yay!), 30% bamboo and 10% nylon.  That kind of makeup will make it durable (nylon), give it a shimmer (bamboo) and make it an easier care finished product (superwash).  It would make nice socks I would think, but we all know I don't make socks and there's no way I'm spinning a beautiful fingering weight yarn only to turn it into something I'm going to stuff into my shoes.  I don't even LIKE socks!
Here's a picture of the fibre... awesome looking no?

Here's a picture of the spindle...That's looking down on it from the top... pretty!

Okay, now your task for today is to go over to my friend Hilary's site and vote in her contest...
She needs awesome ideas for a mediumish intermediate shawl/stole... not triangular tho!
Merci Beaucoup and stay tuned for pictures of my newly spun yarn on my new spindle... because I know that's what you're all dying for!