Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm sorry, who's calling??

I am apparently having an identity crisis.... I used to be a PRINCESS for crying outloud!  PrincessD!  What the hell! 

Well, 'the hell' is that I have now decided that I don't like that nickname.  Which is okay because I gave it to myself about ten years ago.  Not that I mind when my friends call me that, because I don't, but I don't want my identity on my blog to be 'princess' anymore.  So I've changed it... to the only thing I could think of... Sugarcube... you like?  I'm turning over a new leaf and since I have some 'entrapreneur' stuff in my future, I would like it to be with the new name... 

Have now taken the needles OFF my blankie and started something entirely different.  Something that I would like to be done by March 23 as that is my one year knit-iversary, but I think that's asking a lot of me... I may have to take it everywhere, but it's a lace pattern, so that might be difficult...

Going knitting with a friend after work tomorrow.  

And now noticed the time and must get my sugarry ass to bed, as I have another early morning in the 'month of carpooling'.

That is all!


Kat said...

Sugarcube?? I'm not sure I can actually call you that but it's cute!