Thursday, February 11, 2010

Identity Crisis... Part Deux

Okay, talk about an identity crisis. So I have decided (with some input also) that I don't like doesn't make any sense and I don't want to be an inanimate object, so for the time being I'm changing my name back.

So if you're interested, throw out some possible nicknames... or I'll just switch back to the shortened version of Princess, which is P'cess and reads like 'pieces'.
Now, on to some advice for the woman that spoke to me in Starbucks last night and that thinks it's okay to come and interrupt someone while they're knitting, because AFTER ALL, I'm doing something odd in a public place.It is not okay to march up behind someone and poke your head over their shoulder and demand in a loud voice right in their ear 'what are you making?!?'. Perhaps it would be more socially acceptable for you to start a conversation by standing IN FRONT of the person, not behind them like some kind of crazy stalker!
When the response to your question is 'a shawl' please don't look like you don't understand the language. I didn't know what more detail you wanted? I was working without a pattern, so there was no picture to show you... I doubt very much I am inclined to describe in vivid detail what it's going to look like in the end, but your dumbfounded look made me think that in fact that is what you were expecting.
When you state that you 'want to learn', don't look at me like I'm going to hand over my needles and let you 'practice' on my shawl... my suggestion was and always will be, 'take a class. I learned to knit at XXX shop and they're great'. When you hear that, you should probably disguise the disgust in your voice when you ask how much THAT costs. If you can't afford the class, then you likely (not necessarily, but likely) won't be able to afford the actual hobby of knitting. Yes, it can be done on the cheap, but you seemed fairly smitten with my yarn and it was $30/ball.
Also, please try not to insult me while I'm taking time out of my 'quiet time' to talk to you. When you saw my sock monkey on the chair beside me, you were kinda rude! No I didn't knit it for my child. No, it's not really any of your business if I even HAVE children. And no, they didn't teach me to 'knit that thing' in my class. I chose to knit it. And I chose to bring it with me to show my friend. Don't touch it... he doesn't like people and he might bite you!
Had a nice visit with a friend last night. Very enjoyable! Started out a bit bumpy when we went to different starbucks and waited for eachother... both thinking the other person was 30 min late... LOL... totally my fault!

That is all