Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Heart Singapore, Part 3

This morning we got up late (10am! We've been getting up around 8am) and had McDondo's for breaky... the McGriddle was HUGE! Really had visions of not being able to finish it... nothing like at home!
We walked to Fort Canning Park, which is the site of the first Christian Cemetary in Singapore and were really looking forward to seeing it, but they were setting up for some type of concert so most of it was off limits :(. Instead we went to the National Museum and ended up spending almost 3 hours there! I don't know how we do that! We decided to walk to a place called Bugis Junction for lunch and then realized that it's the weekend. We've had it really good during the week with very few people around, but they've all come out for the weekend, so it was really busy! We had lunch, looked around for a while and then had a snack. I had Chocolate Shaved Ice with a touch of chocolate sauce, sprinkles and crushed peanuts. Cost me $1.80 and it was SO GOOD! We walked back through the street shopping district, where I bought a couple of handbags for really cheap and a pair of new havianas flipflops... (oh, the flippers were bought in the mall) and P bought some cool stickers. By the time we got back to our hotel, it was near 6pm! I'm just completely beat tonight, so we're going to go to dinner and then take the camera and tripod out to the Merlion and the Fountain of Wealth and take pics and wander... kinda take it easy... we've been in overdrive since we got here and it's starting to wear me out... since it was only last week that I was bedridden with strepthroat and tonsilitis...seems like ages ago!
More later