Monday, March 18, 2013

This is not Zero

Good morning!

It’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside today! There’s fresh snow (hopefully some of the last!) on the mountains, the sun is shining brightly and the blue sky is dotted with just a few fluffy clouds!

I got up at 451am this morning, put my previously layed out gym clothes on and marched myself down to my car. It took 4 min to drive to the gym and park… when I got in there my scan tag wouldn’t work, which was annoying since it was only set up a week ago… the girl said it was never applied to my name… anyway, got that all fixed up and then I worked out. At 5 in the morning. I can’t say that it was the best workout I’ve ever had (obviously) and I wanted to puke halfway through it but I did it.

I didn’t take it too easy on myself either, which is what I was planning to do… I climbed 15 flights of stairs in 5 min (and then I couldn’t take anymore of that machine! Planning on doing it every day to get better at it… My first goal is to get to my old Climb the Wall time of 49 flights in 11 min)

I did 20 min on the elliptical but have no stats for that because I accidentally restarted the workout with 5 min to go and then I did 20 min on the treadmill and even ran for a short portion of it!

The biggest thing that I learned today is that if I can get my mind on my side, I can pretty much do anything I want. I was telling my sister last night that I was annoyed because I didn’t like having to start back at zero after having been away for so long. This morning that was bugging me too until I realized that zero is sleeping past my alarm, telling myself I can’t because I’m too tired or scared or whatever… being in the gym at 5am and sweating is not zero in my book!

Last night before I went to sleep I asked God for rest and relaxation for the night… to put my mind at rest and quiet the nervous energy. I asked for mental strength to propel myself out of bed when my alarm went off and strength to put aside all the negative self talk that I can use to derail myself.

I was duly blessed by an excellent night sleep and the energy and strength to climb out of bed with no thought of ‘starting tomorrow’. It is a lesson I continue to learn; that putting your faith and trust in God is the only way. That when you’re following God’s plan, you’re given the strength and endurance to get it done for He wouldn’t ask you to follow His plan without the tools to do so.

Every day may be a battle for the next little while but it’s not a battle I have to fight alone!