Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pictures... yes, again!

I promise to actually write something one of these days, but in the meantime, have some more pictures of my new house... it's slowly becoming warm and homey... normally I wouldn't show pictures of my house online, but the other one was such a tiny little place... I want to say about half the size... and I'm SO happy here that I can't help but want to share!

Here's the kitchen...

Here's the dining area...  I haven't had a dining height table and proper chairs in about 15 years... I love mealtimes now!

Here's a couple of the office that I showed last time, but now the shelves are up and it's organized.

And here's a shot of Mr. Fluffypants' new favorite place to lay... under the table.  He's doing amazing also... I went on a three day vacay and Sam took care of him.  He did very well!  He's very cuddly now and sleeps through the night... I can go out the door now without bribing him with treats and he LOVES to play, both with me and by himself.  He's a funny little beastie and I'm SO HAPPY that he seems to be okay here.  Now, don't get me wrong, he'd take off out the window given the chance, but we're not going to let that happen... I bought him a harness and a leash and next week we'll see if we can go for a walk in the hallway out the door... if he does well, which I think he will, then we're going to go to the beach and I'll take him for a walk outside most days...